Fire Door Inspections

We protect you so your fire doors protect them!

Safety for them, peace of mind for you.

Woodstock Security offers you and your business the highest quality professional service for all your fire door needs:

  • Quality Fire Doors
  • Fire Door Installation
  • Fire Door Inspections
  • Fire Door Maintenance

We protect you, your people and your property.

All our experts are comprehensively trained and fully qualified. All our products have been rigorously tested to the highest level. All our services fully comply with RRO, the fire safety law. We ensure that you are fully complying with the law and so you are fully protected.

We guarantee you the same level of care and professionalism as if we were fitting or inspecting doors for our own family.

Woodstock Security Fire Door Inspections

If you own a building that isn’t a home, you are responsible by law to carry out a Fire Risk Inspection every year. Your Inspection must identify:

  • People at risk
  • Fire hazards
  • Fire safety management processes
  • Fire mitigation measures
  • Action to be taken in the event of a fire

Fire Safety and the Law: RRO

The Fire Safety law is usually called the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order – or just shortened to the RRO. It’s been the law in England and Wales since 01 October 2006 and applies to almost all premises except people’s private homes. So if you own a building, structure or even an open space, you are required by law to comply with the RRO.

‘I have a Fire Certificate from the Fire Brigade’

These are no longer valid. They have no legal status. The fire service no longer checks the fire safety of buildings. The RRO superseded these Fire Certificates from the fire brigade.

So now under the RRO, you are legally responsible for fire safety if you are a:

  • Landlord
  • Building owner
  • Estate manager
  • Head teacher
  • Many other people are also responsible: You can check if you are on the government website here.

If you are responsible for fire safety, you have to appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ who will carry out a Fire Risk Inspection every year.

Annual Fire Risk Inspection

A ‘Responsible Person’ to do an annual Fire Risk Inspection

To legally comply with the RRO, you must appoint a ‘Responsible Person’: they must carry out a Fire Risk Inspection every year.

As well as being a legal requirement, the Fire Safety Inspection gives you peace of mind. The Fire Safety Inspection must show that all aspects of fire safety management have received adequate attention, including:

  • Safe, secure means of escape
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Active and passive fire measures

The Fire Risk Inspection must be recorded in writing if the landlord/ building owner has 5 or more tenants or employees.

If a ‘Responsible Person’ hasn’t in-depth knowledge, they’ll need to engage a ‘Competent Person’ to advise/ execute specific areas.

Woodstock Security Recommend

  • Checks at least every 6-months should be carried out
  • More frequent checks may be needed in the first year that a building is occupied
  • The higher the traffic, the more susceptible the door is to damage and the more frequently checks are needed. So depending on the through traffic, a building’s doors may need checking once a week/month.
Your 5-step safety check could save a life every day

Your 5-step safety check could save a life every day

1. Mind the gap - Check the gaps around the top and sides of the door are always less than 4mm when the door is closed. The gap under the door can be slightly larger.

2. See the seals - Check that the intumescent smoke seals around the door or frame are both there and undamaged.

3. Hone in on hinges - Check that there are at least 3 hinges and that they are all in place and undamaged.

4. Shut the door - Check that the door closes firmly onto the latch without getting stuck on the door or the frame.

5. Be certain with certification - Look out for the label or plug on the top of the door – or sometimes it’s on the side of the door. Check that it has been certified within the last year.

Fire Door Inspection Bolton

Fire Door Inspection

Fire Doors are a critical component of the passive fire protection in a building. Fire doors are dividers to create compartments in buildings: so people can escape and it helps prevent a fire from spreading.

At Woodstock Security we supply professional, quality fire doors. But our protection doesn’t stop at the door. So we can also offer complete installation of any fire door glazing, the fire door frame, plus any intumescent smoke seals and ironmonger work.

Fire safety is affected by how these all work together: it’s vital that they are professionally fitted. So inspecting every element can be difficult and complex: it demands a proficient knowledge and understanding of the stringent building regulations required by both British Standards and European Standards.

Are your doors safe from fire or could they be fatal?

Are your doors safe from fire or could they be fatal?

61% of inspected doors had intumescent smoke seals that were either faulty or missing entirely*.

34% had dangerously wide gaps between the door and the frame*.

Both could be fatal.

*Source: Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FIDIS) survey.

What happens if I don’t comply with the Fire Safety law?

If you fail to comply with the regulations as a building owner, then you can be prosecuted, fined and even imprisoned. People have been severely prosecuted recently for wedging fire doors open, or for failing to fit fire door closers or seals. So it’s vital to have your fire doors professionally assessed every year.

Woodstock Security Fire Door Inspection Service

Woodstock Security is one of the UK’s leading inspectors of fire doors. To ensure you and everyone else safe, we offer a bespoke, professional and comprehensive service, including:

  • Initial meeting
  • Fire Door Inspection
  • Check of all components
  • Certification of inspection date, recorded on the door label
  • Checking you comply with the law (Fire Safety Regulation Reform Order 2005)
  • Inspection report

All Woodstock Security, all fire door inspectors are carried out by fully qualified inspectors who have independent FDIS certification. This shows that they’re accredited with the FDIS Diploma, so they are approved to carry out fire door inspections.

Woodstock Security Fire Door Inspection Report

After we’ve inspected your fire doors, we give you a full easy-to-read report.

This documents:

  • Inventory
  • Photography of defects
  • Report on the function, condition and durability: Fire door, Fire door glazing, Fire door frame, Intumescent smoke seals.
  • Any repairs/ alterations required

This report can be used by the ‘Responsible Person’ as part of their annual fire door inspection.

Woodstock Security Fire Door Installation

Fully guaranteed

At Woodstock Security, all our products are fully guaranteed and certified under UK standards. So you have peace of mind that they will protect you, your family, your colleagues and your tenants if there is a fire.

We not only offer the highest quality fire doors, but also any fire door glazing, the fire door frame, plus any intumescent smoke seals and ironmonger work.

We can provide fire doors and fire door upgrades to any type of building, whether it’s new, old or listed.

At Woodstock Security, all our installers are comprehensively trained and fully qualified by an independent, third-party accredited bodies: FDIS and we are an approved safe contractor:

Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS)

Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS)

Safe contractor Approved

Safe contractor Approved

All our work is carried out to the manufacturer’s instructions and meet or exceeds British Standard; BS8214:2008.

Woodstock Security Fire Door Maintenance

At Woodstock Security our service to you doesn’t stop at the report. We offer a bespoke, professional and comprehensive maintenance service that is fully compliant and certified with the law. We ensure that you are fully covered and protected as we enable you to receive an LPCB Maintenance certificate (Loss Prevention Certification Board).

We work with you to identify any repairs or alterations that are required – and we can carry those out as well. Whatever the problem, we can find a solution to get it sorted.

Any questions? Want a quote?

Woodstock Security has been appointed a ‘Responsible Person’ by many organizations, so we can carry out thorough, professional Fire Risk Inspections for you too.