Automatic Barriers for Car Parks

At Woodstock Security you can select a range of bespoke barriers for car parks. Whatever you want and wherever you are, we can create, supply and install barriers to protect and control access to your car parks.

Ask about our Automatic Arm Barriers from 3m to 9m. Ideal for low or medium level security, they are made from top quality materials with the latest safety features. For car parks, hotels, business centres, factories, education centres. They need very little maintenance, take little time to install.

Industrial Roller Shutters

6000 Lux-19 Automatic Barrier

Durable and so reliable, at Woodstock Security, our 6000 Lux-19 is the No.1 industrial barriers in the UK. No springs and no counterweights are needed: the German Feig control panel gives you superior design and smooth motion, for continuous use. It’s safe and reliable thanks to the dual safety control. Pus, it comes with full CAD drawings and the ‘fit it and forget it’ 1-time installation is quick and easy.

  • - Industrial: 100% duty cycle for heavy industry
  • - Reliable: CE and TUV Approved
  • - Programmable: German Feig control panel
  • - Durable: Strong, anti-corrosive no-maintenance aluminium, plus powder-coated polyester
  • - Manual: Easy manual override release in a power cut
  • - Minimal disruption: installation time is swift

Add these options:

  • - Traffic Lights
  • - Alarm Warning
  • - Warning Sign
  • - Flashing beacon
  • - Back-up battery
  • - Non-standard colours

Tech Specs

Speed: 4-7 secs
Power: Single Phase 240v 50Hz 10 Amps
Max Span: 5m with hi-bar, 6m with bottom skirt, 7m with pole only
Drive: Wormed gearbox and 3-phase motor
Weight: 77KG for pole, cabinet and contents
IP: iP56 rating
Fixings: Includes M12 anchor shield bolts
Temperature use: +60C down to -20C

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Industrial Roller Shutters

Manual Arm Barriers

Ask about Woodstock Security’s low maintenance, long-lasting , low-cost vehicle control solutions from 2.5-9m long. Secure your car park both for your business or home. You can lock them open or closed with a padlock. Easy to install, easy to use and easy to look after.

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