At Woodstock Security you have high security bollards and parking posts to control access to and from car parks and to secure your premises. They are ideal where there isn’t room for a gate. Smooth and quiet: they suit both commercial and domestic premises.

Industrial Roller Shutters

7276H Automatic Bollard

Powerful. reliable secure, at Woodstock Security, our 7276H Automatic Bollards effectively protect your premises from unauthorised access. Tried and relied upon day after day and year after year, they are so smooth, efficient, secure, strong and reliable. You can use them with or without automatic barriers. They have self-contained electric-hydraulic pistons and pumps. So when lowered, the bollard is below ground and the top of the bollard is level with the road surface. Plus, you can pre-install the bollard before completing the ground work as the motor is independent from the bollard casing.

  • - Duty Cycle: up to 3000 cycles a day
  • - Reliable: CE Approved
  • - CDS Safety control unit: operates up to 4 bollards at the same time
  • - Obstacle Detection Sensor: bollard lowers when there’s an obstacle
  • - Durable: Stainless steel finish
  • - Manual: Easy manual override release in a power cut

Controlled access options:

  • - Key cards
  • - Key pad
  • - Key
  • - Tokens
  • - Photocells
  • - Remote Controlled Fobs
  • - Video & Voice intercom
  • - Detector Loops

Add these options:

  • - Traffic Lights
  • - Alarm Warning
  • - Warning Sign
  • - Back-up Battery

Tech Specs

Speed: 6 secs
Power: Single Phase 240v 50Hz 6 Amps
Motor: 2800 rpm
Current: 1.8 amp absorbed
Bollard size: 200 x 500mm
Base size: 410 x 410mm.
Below ground size: 845mm

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Industrial Roller Shutters

Electronic Driveway Bollards

At Woodstock Security, our Electronic Driveway Bollards keep your car or vehicle secure from being stolen, they save you money over a gate and they save you space too. So they are especially useful for driveways, car park entrances and more. Ideal for use up to 500 times a day. In grey or stainless steel, they have a range of options including operation by remote control fob, plus safety loops. Easy to use, smooth and quiet, with no complicated programs, just a simple on/off switch.

All bollards come with:

  • - Free no-obligation consultation
  • - Free site survey
  • - Expert installation
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Industrial Roller Shutters

Manual Telescopic Bollards

At Woodstock Security, our manual lift-up bollards make domestic homes even more secure. No gates, no high walls and no complex barriers are needed. Manual Telescopic Driveway Bollards are an economic solution to secure your premises. For homes, shop fronts, car parks and car showrooms, they are easy to install, plus need little or no maintenance.

They are also more space-efficient than gates, so they are the ideal solution where there is small or a restricted amount of room.

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